_20181027_180937There’s a life moments when You can discover, that something happens with Your health and things are not the same anymore … when You :

  • taking part in games and play with kids from your family – is harder than before
  • all situations are not happening by circumstances, or bad luck –  when Your bus is living without You on board
  • You squeeze into jeans from last year and they are too tight
  • or simply stairs are extremely longer than usual
  • the swimming costume shrunk after washing
  • and the air is really heavy
  • feeling the pain in chest, and when for few moments You are out of breath…

Is it just happening because of  Your age?  When last time You take a part in any of physical activities ?

Our fitness level equals with our interest in it.

Do You remember that feeling after workout, when endorphins makes You happy, simply by joining sport competitions, by joining running club, or taking swimming lesson? Is it the same feeling as watching a match on the couch ?

According the scientists – exercising twice in a week for half an hour it’s enough to improve health and prevent our heart from disease. Additional diet can give You extra benefits.

Decision is key and no matter the reasons why You taking action – I’m sure You won’t regret it. Self discipline and good motivation help You to become healthier and happier than before. No one else can push You to set the dates, to make Your calendar fulfilled, to be on right time no matter what, to meet the trainer, to run in a bad weather, to simply be when You promised to Yourself. Being Your own boss – to listen Your needs, and to do it what is right, being on time- to change Your habits – and to look in the mirror with a big smile, proud that You made it, that You won another battle with self doubts.

Feel satisfaction, You are stronger than yesterday, no one can take it from You, be proud. Move out of that couch !